BiOptix to Sponsor Scientific Briefing at Upcoming Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Conference

BOULDER, Colo. — December 4, 2015 — BiOptix, a life science tools company that provides an affordable and powerful solution for drug discovery scientists that require label-free, real-time detection of biomolecular interactions, is sponsoring a Scientific Briefing at 1:45pm Monday, December 7, at the Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Conference & Exhibition being held next week at the San Diego Convention Center.


The briefing, titled Stabilization of Antibody Therapeutics through Engineering of Complementarity Determining Regions, is being given by Daniel Christ, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Head of Antibody Therapeutics, Immunology Program at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia. Dr. Christ will present recent advances in the application of this technology to antibody fragments, as well as to the stabilization of the FDA-approved therapeutic Cetuximab and clinical candidates.


“The research that Dr. Christ and his team are conducting to identify aggregation hotspots in the CDR regions of antibody variable domains provides important advancements in improving the stability of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies,” said Rick Whitcomb, President and CEO of BiOptix. “We are pleased that our SPR instrument, the 404pi, is such an integral part of their research efforts.”


The highly sensitive BiOptix 404pi SPR detection platform offers precise measurement of kinetics, affinity constants and concentration, through easy-to-use analytical software and two operating modes for higher throughput and experimental flexibility.


BiOptix will be exhibiting at Booth 213 at the Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Conference.