BiOptix to Sponsor Scientific Briefing at Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Summit

Boulder, Colorado / Huntington Beach, California, December 10, 2014 – BiOptix, exhibiting this week at IBC’s 25th Annual Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Summit, will sponsor a scientific briefing entitled: “Slow Off-Rate Modified DNA Aptamer Inhibitors of IL-6 Signaling”. BiOptix is proud to sponsor Dr. Steve Wolk of Somalogic’s discussion of slow off-rate modified aptamers (SOMAmers) — affinity reagents generated through an iterative selection process using modified nucleotides to confer protein-like properties and higher affinity interactions than observed for aptamers alone. In this presentation, SOMAmers generated to IL-6 were further affinity-optimized and characterized by x-ray crystallography and surface plasmon resonance (SPR).

BiOptix will be at the Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Summit showcasing the features and utility of the 404pi SPR instrument. According to Ken Wilczek, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Business Development, “We plan to increase our overall visibility at trade shows for 2015, and incorporating scientific briefings into our marketing plan is a step in that direction. Our customers and business partners are generating exciting data and leading edge scientific publications using our innovative SPR instrument platform and we would like to communicate that value proposition to a wider audience.” Additional event details can be found at: