BiOptix Announces Simulject™ Application

Allows the BiOptix 404pi to run accurate, multi-stream kinetics without regeneration

Boulder, Colo. — August 6, 2015 — BiOptix, a life science tools company that provides an affordable and powerful solution for drug discovery scientists that require label-free, real-time detection of biomolecular interactions, today announced their Simulject Application, a tool which allows researchers to inject two different concentrations of an analyte simultaneously on a BiOptix 404pi without the need for regeneration.


The Simulject Application is enabled by the unique flow cell architecture within the biosensor. Two independent flow paths, each containing a reference and experimental flow cell, allow two different concentrations of analyte to be injected simultaneously, resulting in the kinetics and KD for an interaction in one injection cycle. The application is critical for molecular systems in which surface regeneration is challenging or impossible to find, thus saving researchers time and money.


This technology adds another key feature to the BiOptix 404pi, which utilizes patented phase-based SPR technology, delivering high sensitivity (100 Da) and higher throughput without the high price tag. The 404pi utilizes 4 parallel channels allowing simultaneous characterization of 4 samples, and uses 96 well plates.


“The Simulject feature removes a key obstacle in the development of biosensor assays in which no regeneration condition can be found. By alleviating this pain point, the researcher can arrive more efficiently and economically at their result,” said Dr. Scott Klakamp, VP of Chemistry and Biochemistry of BiOptix.


Additional Features of the BiOptix 404pi include:

  • Phase-based SPR for high sensitivity
  • 4 injector / 4 flow cell design for higher throughput
  • Advanced automated fluidic system for fast kinetic measurements
  • Multiple surface chemistries
  • Compatible with industry standard Scrubber 2 software
  • Cost-effective and simple to operate