BiOptix Announces Partnership with XTAL BioStructures

BiOptix 404pi label-free system now part of XTAL’s suite of biophysical tool services

Boulder, Colo. September 22, 2015 BiOptix, a life science tools company that provides an affordable and powerful solution for drug discovery scientists that require label-free, real-time detection of biomolecular interactions, today announced XTAL BioStructures Inc., a pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries service provider, is adding the BiOptix 404pi to its suite of biophysical tools.


XTAL BioStructures is a contract research organization that provides drug discovery and intellectual property development services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, including high quality protein production, biophysical characterization, X-ray crystallography and with a focus on affinity-based screening techniques.


“This partnership will further XTAL’s dedication to providing high quality research services through the availability of the BiOptix Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance (eSPR) technology, an advanced and highly sensitive optical technology, “ said Robert K. Suto, Ph.D., president and CSO of XTAL BioStructures.


XTAL is now able to offer customers access to BiOptix’s patented enhanced surface plasmon resonance (e-SPR) technology, which delivers high sensitivity (100 Da) and higher throughput by combining proprietary technology with an advanced, multi-injector fluidics system.


“With the addition of the BiOptix 404pi label-free system to their existing suite of biophysical tools, both companies can now work together to assist those customers who need both biophysical assessment and real-time, label-free interaction analysis to move their drug discovery projects forward,” said Rick Whitcomb, president and CEO of


About XTAL BioStructures

XTAL Biostructures Inc. is a contract research organization that provides discovery research and intellectual property development services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. XTAL offers a variety of services for early stage drug discovery, including biophysical characterization for the measurement of ligand: protein interactions using thermal stability shift, SPR and ITC. Biophysical characterization is an orthogonal technique to many of the commonly used high-throughput screening technologies that provides confirmation of the molecular interaction. Applications include confirmation of ligand binding, fragment-based screening, identification of optimal storage conditions, binding kinetics Kd and pre-formulation. For more information, please visit